Students find content five times faster with OpenScholar

Results from a recent focus group suggest that switching to OpenScholar sites substantially improved the impression that the University of Virginia’s faculty websites had on college students. Comparing the new OpenScholar sites to previous sites, students found the OpenScholar websites to be:

  1. easier to navigate
  2. more cohesive
  3. more professional

OpenScholar provides predefined site structures to help users organize their content right from the start, making it easy to leave a positive first impression...

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We Are With You

Our tagline at OpenScholar is:  Bring Your Ideas to the World.

We mean that.

Everything we do at our company is in service to researchers, academics and clinicians like you. All of our work is focused on supporting the creation and distribution of knowledge. This is the guiding mission of universities and research organizations around the globe.

We want your publications to achieve higher citation counts—so we created an engine that helps you to do that. We want you to attract more grant funding and collaboration opportunities—so we make it...

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Leveraging Website Analytics To Increase Enrollment

OpenScholar allows schools to easily provide websites to their community. Because each school's websites are on a dedicated installation of OpenScholar, we are able to provide in-depth look into analytics across all sites via a Dashboard area.

OpenScholar Dashboard

Below is a snapshot from Harvard University’s OpenScholar dashboard.

Elements provided on the dashboard are pulled in from a global google analytics property and this dashboard is updated in real time...

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Top 5 Things All Faculty Websites Must Have

Faculty websites must be current, easy to navigate and also compelling. OpenScholar makes super easy for faculty to achieve this and we've compiled this list of 5 must have items for any faculty website:

  1. A professional looking photo or photography to your website
    There are many ways to add photography like a simple headshot in the body of a page or sidebar. Creating a slideshow of interesting work to display on your home page is a great way to keep your website...
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Be better online

Be better online” is a phrase we often use to encapsulate an important message about the reality of being a professional individual or organization today. Having an online presence is the norm and it’s critical to get it right.  

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When is it better to keep something in-house, and when to outsource?

We came across this fantastic article last week. In the article, authors David J. Hinson and Rajiv Shenoy perfectly explain a few key messages around using internal IT department resources and staff to drive strategic initiatives and outsourcing technology that needn’t happen in house.  

They answer the question:

“When is it better to keep something in-house,...

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Reduce Your Website Platforms

Streamline your web publishing tools using OpenScholar

Most schools that we engage with have the same problem… they are either offering too many options for website creation OR they don’t have a solution and everyone is doing it on their own.

Negatives of too many website building tools include:

  1. The community is underserved
    By providing too many tools, it’s difficult for users to decide which platform...

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