Helping researchers bring their ideas to the world.

At OpenScholar, we believe that cutting-edge research should be seen for what it is—extraordinary. Through their work, researchers already have everything they need to attract talent, collaborators, partners, and investors. It just needs to be found, so they can accelerate breakthroughs, advance discoveries/cures, and find solutions to large scale problems.

That’s where OpenScholar comes in. We’re a place where researchers can connect and their research can flourish, all on a single, easy-to-use, self-service platform.

About OpenScholar

Our History


OpenScholar began as an open-source research project, led by Gary King, the Weatherhead University Professor and Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard. OpenScholar grew organically at Harvard and other research universities because it served an urgent need, was scalable and reduced escalating IT costs.


Jess Drislane became the CEO of OpenScholar and lifted the project out of Harvard to become a private company, the first time this had been done in Harvard's 375-year history. The goal was to expand and enhance the platform, offering any research institution a full-service research publishing platform including hosting, training, theming, automatic upgrades, and customer support.


OpenScholar continues to grow as a mission-driven software company offering a powerful collaboration network and platform serving over 40,000 researchers across hundreds of institutions internationally.

Core Principles

Our core principles are the foundation of our company’s mission and are built to meet the unique needs of today’s research community.

ease of use icon

Ease of use

Drag-and-drop interface with no coding required.

self service icon

Self service

You have total access and control over your content.

branded icon

Branded for each institution

Maintain your brand and build consistency.

research functionality icon

Built-in research functionality

Features designed specifically for academics.

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Facilitate collaborations

Connect on a network of 40,000+ peers and scholars.

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Scalable, secure, and accessible

Designed to quickly and easily scale on a smart and powerful system.

Our Community

Our Customers

Researchers from around the world are leveraging OpenScholar to enhance their work.

Our Network

Our collaboration network, LYNX, connects over 40,000 researchers every day.

Our Team

Meet the team that connects your research to the world.