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We make it easy for research institutions and their faculty to have professional, research-centric websites, and to bring their ideas to the world.

A Harvard Invention

In 2009, OpenScholar began as an open source research project, led by Gary King, the Weatherhead University Professor and Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard. Researchers, professors and clinicians wanted websites that would showcase their research, build their academic brands, and attract collaborators. This meant they could spend less time and money hiring agencies to build websites and could get back to what they loved - conducting research.

OpenScholar grew organically at Harvard and other research universities because it served an urgent need, was scalable and reduced escalating IT costs. Harvard’s high profile websites for schools, labs, departments, centers, people and projects now run on OpenScholar.


A Harvard Invention




Now a Full-Service Publishing Platform

For The Global Research Community

In 2017, Jess Drislane became the CEO of OpenScholar and lifted the project out of Harvard to become a private company, the first time this had been done in Harvard's 375 year history. The goal was to expand and enhance the platform, offering any research institution a full-service research publishing platform including hosting, training, theming, automatic upgrades and customer support.

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