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Product Overview

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Unburden your university IT department



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Websites built by users

  • IT spends 1/3 of its time on one-off web requests. You can spend that better.
  • Outdated websites cannot handle the latest innovations.
  • IT has enough to do without managing outdated software.
  • IT should be a facilitator of knowledge sharing, not a gatekeeper. We make that happen.
  • Case Study

    Upgrade to research-centric websites, unburden IT departments, unify branding

    Learn how our Research Asset Management Platform solved three major problems at Harvard University

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  • What our users are saying

    "…thats what I like about it most….we were able to set up a project website in less than a day."


    Alyssa Goodman Harvard University Professor

    "...because OpenScholar is easy to use, I can get the staff trained very easily to maintain the content of their websites quickly."

  • What our users are saying

    "OpenScholar is based on how people use the software in order to update their website…its not a development tool for developers."


    Mary O’Neill Fowkes IT Project Manager

    "We needed something attractive, easy to use and would present the information that people wanted to know"


    Jane Pickering Executive Director, HMSC