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What We Do

Professional and lab websites are often the first place that current and prospective students, other academics, funding organizations, journalists and the general public go to learn more about faculty, researchers and their work. 

for scholars

  • We provide your faculty and researchers professional websites that are consistent with your institution’s branding 

  • OpenScholar Lynx connects researchers across institutions doing similar work, which leads to cross-discipline collaboration and increased grant funding

Benefits for Faculty and Researchers

Simple publication creation, a powerful citation engine & publication customization 

OpenScholar's publication tool increases citations by automatically distributing publications and working papers to leading citation engines such as Google Scholar, Orcid, PubMed and RePEc. This correlate positively with tenure, attracts better faculty and grant dollars, increases co-authoring opportunities, provides more prestige and visibility to, faculty and their departments and ultimately provides recognition for the university.

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By the Numbers at Harvard

OpenScholar was created for faculty and departments at Harvard in 2009. It now runs 10k institution's public facing websites.

by the numbers


How It Works


  • OpenScholar will build, migrate, host, and support all of your faculty, researchers, and lab websites so you don’t have to worry about adoption
  • We design custom themes that match your institution's official branding
  • Once the sites are live, we train you and your scholars on how to update the websites