Collaboration network

OpenScholar is a network.

Welcome to the Research Dashboard, where information about your scientists, scholars, and facilities can be found through one search page. Data from every OpenScholar site at your organization flows up to the dashboard, which updates dynamically whenever new content is added to each site. 

The Research Dashboard increases exposure and opportunity.

With Google Search, every website competes for rank with millions of other sites. Automatically filter search to one dynamic page, focused on your organization, so visitors can quickly:

 Identify projects for funding.

 Explore corporate and government partnerships.

 Connect with new talent and rising stars in research.

Connections happen researcher-to-researcher.
We just made that easier.


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Filter experts, resources, and articles by research area, location, and more.


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Read the latest presentations, publications, and pre-published work from your researchers.


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Find collaborators, partners, and new opportunities for research projects, jobs, and funding.

Research Dashboard

Want to increase visibility and opportunity?

The Research Dashboard makes finding experts, learning about research, and connecting the right people at the right time, easy.