Reduce Your Website Platforms

Streamline your web publishing tools using OpenScholar

Most schools that we engage with have the same problem… they are either offering too many options for website creation OR they don’t have a solution and everyone is doing it on their own.

Negatives of too many website building tools include:

  1. The community is underserved
    By providing too many tools, it’s difficult for users to decide which platform...

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Web Spending Psychology

We recently conducted a focus group with school administrators, department chairs, and IT staff to learn more about their pain points regarding website platforms and hear what drives IT platform level change at Colleges and Universities.

What we found was that no two schools are alike but they share similar headaches, hurdles, and motivational drivers.
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Website Branding

OpenScholar improves your online branding by creating website themes that can be used on all of your OpenScholar websites.

What is a website theme?

A website theme controls the look your website independent of content. A theme includes font types and sizes, colors and accents that affect the aesthetics of your site. Themes provide consistency and support wayfinding and user experience. 

We have a variety of available themes that can be customized to fit your school’s colors and logo to provide a consistent visual...

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Delighting Faculty

Our sites offer a clean and consistent way of displaying various kinds of content with the help of our content apps including a fantastic Publications App.
 publications app

The Publications App makes it easy to distribute your faculty’s scholarly works to repositories such as Google Scholar and RePEc. In a previous blog post, we explain how easy it is to add and customize publications on an OpenScholar website.  There is no lag time for citations published on your website, and you gain the exposure that Google Scholar and other repositories offers their users.... Read more about Delighting Faculty

How We Lower IT Costs

OpenScholar is a world-class web platform for higher education that can dramatically reduce your IT spending year-over-year.

When OpenScholar was developed and then fully adopted as the go-to web platform at Harvard University the intention wasn't to save the university $100M in web spend, but that's exactly what it did.1


How do we save YOU money?

1. OpenScholar is a complete academic platform
By using an academic feature focused platform in a department or across the entire campus, there is a limited need for one-off, custom and expensive website development projects. Save your IT staff from spending their time supporting, managing and maintaining those projects as well. Additionally, OpenScholar continues to improve and grow with our clients. These upgrades are automatically available to you at no additional charge.... Read more about How We Lower IT Costs

Our 4 Core Functions

OpenScholar is more than an average content management system. OpenScholar provides 4 core functions for university websites all on one unified platform:

  1. Faculty Profiles
    The OpenScholar platform promotes the web presence of faculty, department and schools. With a powerful search tool, we make it easy for site visitors to search (and find!) faculty expertise or research keywords. Our websites have the capability to be nested in a Parent-Child relationship allowing information to be pulled up to the department or school level from faculty sites. Site...
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OpenScholar + CMS platforms

Can OpenScholar work with other Content Management Systems on your campus?

The answer is Yes!

We frequently get asked how OpenScholar can work with platforms like WordPress, Drupal or even homegrown website platforms.

Across a single campus, there could be multiple content management systems (CMS) running different websites. This is very common but addressable issue.

OpenScholar is a Research Asset Management Platform that is flexible and scalable, with all the publishing features that...

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