Improve Research Funding in 2023 with Content Marketing

October 27, 2022

Improve Research Funding in 2023 with Content Marketing

Raising Funding


Raising research funding is not easy; it’s time-consuming and tedious yet critical for the growth of universities, research organizations, and teaching hospitals. That funding is also essential in maintaining your university's prestige and attracting top talent.

Raising funding is only going to be much more difficult in 2023. As fears of a looming recession grow and budgets become challenged with rising energy costs and salary increases, pressure on funding will increase. With the federal budget tightening and the NIH’s only 4.4% increase in budget, while inflation rises at 8.2%, research funding in 2023 will inevitably be impacted. Now is not the time to pour more time and energy into strategies that are not converting. It is a critical period to reassess and readjust your funding strategy to be more cost-effective and efficient. A crucial strategy you should be considering is your content marketing strategy.


What is Content Marketing?

Generally speaking, content marketing is how you disseminate information online in various forms such as blogs, websites, videos, and social media to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. In the context of research, content marketing is how researchers can build their online presence and share their research findings. Effectively building a strong online presence through content marketing will enable you to raise more funding, attract and retain star talent, and drive more corporate partnerships.


How can Content Marketing Improve Funding?

The root of the problem is that most researchers are novice marketers using outdated tools: low-quality and slow research institute websites that detract from potential funding. As technology continues to improve, attention spans are becoming shorter and patience is only growing thinner. A research institute website that is difficult to find, hard to navigate, and slow to load, in 2023, will indefinitely deter decision-makers that your team worked tirelessly to reach. Poor marketing strategies are causing research institutions to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Optimizing your content marketing can greatly increase conversions, thus making your current funding efforts more effective and efficient. In addition to driving better conversions on current efforts, content marketing will allow your researchers to greatly expand their audience reach. Content that is properly optimized will enhance your presence organically through your research institute website, and therefore increase funding opportunities: Findable Research is Fundable.

A strong content marketing strategy includes:

  1. Content optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  2. A seamless, easy-to-use experience
  3. Modern designs and layouts

OpenScholar provides universities and medical centers with an easy-to-use and individual researchers’ website building infrastructure that empowers researchers to upload, update, and optimize their content marketing to immediately improve and expand your research funding opportunities.

When you use OpenScholar to show your work, share your work, and collaborate on research, magic happens: science advances and outcomes are accelerated.


Improve Research Funding in 2023