Findable Research is Fundable Research

February 04, 2022

Findable Research is Fundable Research 

Research visibility - making research available, searchable and easily discoverable online - is essential to attracting new and broader sources of funding to your lab, center, department or institution. 


How Does Visible Research Attract More Funding?

For starters, current areas of investigation are not naturally indexed by search engines because they are not yet published, not yet cited and keywords are not tagged. Pre publications are not tied to any scholarly or research repositories yet. By using OpenScholar to showcase your current research - working papers, forthcoming publications, presentations, white papers - and actively tagging keywords in that work you can immediately increase the online visibility for your current work. This also boosts SEO and drives traffic to your research or lab site.


Increasing the visibility of your current work means more than just putting it out into the public realm–although that is an excellent start. Using best-practice site information architecture and an aesthetically appealing, modern design template also helps increase traffic to and interest in your site’s research content. Your ongoing work then becomes its own form of ‘content marketing’ for your labs, centers and projects. 


Updating your work online regularly and being open and transparent about your research process allows your colleagues, future collaborators, your Vice Provost, or Head of Research to be aware of what you are doing–they can send people and funding opportunities your way when they are aware of what you are working on right this moment. 


This also helps outside funders learn more about your ongoing initiatives and projects. We see researchers who implement these best practices attract new sources of funding every day. Often this funding will come from a philanthropist, a corporate sponsor or an engaged alum who happens to find your current investigation area via a Google search. 


OpenScholar provides the infrastructure to support and encourage research visibility. Your research is a powerful asset that can attract talent, funding and partnerships. 

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When you use OpenScholar to show your work, share your work, and collaborate on research, magic happens: science advances, and outcomes are accelerated.


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