OpenScholar Newly Adopted at New Higher Ed Institutions

April 17, 2019
Cision PR Newswire

BOSTON, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenScholar LLC, the creators of the OpenScholar website-building platform, is pleased to announce its continued expansion and partnership with three additional top tier higher education institutions.

OpenScholar was first developed, specifically for universities and organizations, at Harvard University in 2009 to provide a drag and drop DIY turnkey academic website solution. In 2017, the OpenScholar team lifted out of Harvard University and now offers the software platform coupled with services, which include hosting, training & support, to other institutions.

The University of Virginia officially launched OpenScholar as the website solution for faculty and labs within the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Through a collaborative relationship with the Director of Digital Communications and his staff, we have seen a wide adoption among faculty in just a few short months.

Rice University has also launched OpenScholar as the website solution for faculty and labs with a successful initial engagement that kicked off in the summer of 2018. We worked closely with Rice to ensure branding and best practices through training and collaboration.

Olin School of Engineering is just beginning its rollout of OpenScholar and we are excited to share their success stories in the coming months.

"We are honored to work alongside these high caliber universities. The OpenScholar team is one hundred percent dedicated to addressing the website needs of faculty, researchers and staff within higher education. With each new engagement, we expand our understanding of university-specific needs, allowing us to become a better and more valuable partner."  
Jessica Drislane, CEO, OpenScholar


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