OpenScholar Announces the Release of Research Dashboards

Findable research is fundable research.

BOSTON, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenScholar announced immediate availability of Research Dashboards, allowing customers to showcase and spotlight their cutting-edge research to attract a broader array of funding sources.

The Research Dashboards will allow private and philanthropic investors, government funders, and the researchers themselves to more easily find detailed information about research happening across an institution. Finding research to fund or commercialize and connecting with principal investigators is challenging when research is hidden or not readily searchable. The Research Dashboard resolves this issue.

"The commercialization of research and the ability to bring technologies and ideas to market is a primary objective for innovation hubs and funding organizations. The OpenScholar Research Dashboard provides a single resource to locate the people, projects and labs that are working on today's cutting-edge research and pinpoint areas of interest.

By making research more accessible, our intention is to accelerate outcomes and facilitate the generation and dissemination of new knowledge," said Jess Drislane, CEO at OpenScholar.

Medical and university customers looking to put their faculty and researchers in the spotlight, attract talent, keep innovation in their states, and collaborate with industry and government, are excited about now having the ability to raise their visibility profile even further by making all research data accessible through one Research Dashboard.

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Michael Beck

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