Entering the New Year

December 19, 2022

Entering the New Year


Snow has begun falling in New England, students and researchers are leaving campuses, and many of us are wrapping up our 2022 projects. The time of rest, relaxation, and connection is upon us. Over the past few months, we have discussed the value of content marketing. If you have some downtime over the break and are looking to think about how to cost-effectively improve your research funding strategy, here are a few short reads to dive into:


  1. Improve Research Funding in 2023 with Content Marketing: understand how content marketing can be leveraged to strategically improve funding opportunities. 
  2. What does Research look like as Content Marketing: see tangible examples of how content marketing is being utilized to improve funding opportunities.  
  3. 4 Forms of Content Marketing for Researchers: get a few ideas and learn a framework to share with your researchers on how they can begin using content marketing. 


We hope that you have a great start to the New Year, and we look forward to supporting you in 2023. Have a happy and safe holiday. 


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