Meet the Research Dashboard

August 22, 2023

Each year, we speak with hundreds of our clients – the VPRs and Chief Academic Officers at teaching hospitals, R1 universities and research centers. Here’s what they tell us:

  1. PIs and faculty are busy at work in their labs and centers; often research disclosure takes a backseat to the research itself.
  2. Disclosure tends to happen manually and with a time lag.
  3. It is common for VPRs and CAOs to Google their researchers, call them or visit their labs for real time updates.
  4. This creates friction on the pathway to funding and sponsorship matching.
  5. Friction slows tech and innovation transfer, impeding the ability to monetize research.

What if you could remove that friction and create a glide path to more funding and research sponsorship, faster? What if you could see your organization’s research content, news and progress updated in real time? How helpful might it be to track trending research topics and be able to find emerging experts on a single, searchable console? You don’t need to wonder because we've built it for you – a dashboard for your research and your community, all in one place.

Our goal with the design of the dashboard is twofold: to create a quick, intuitive, and comprehensive overview of your institution’s content and digital footprint while also providing straightforward search options suited to your research community’s needs.

At a glance, you’ll be able to get a clear snapshot of what’s currently going on across your organization on the OpenScholar platform in real time. The research dashboard will keep track of what’s trending, what’s new, and provide tools to help your teams find the information they need, including:

  • Top publications, research areas, and site visits.
  • News, updates, and insights.
  • Current projects and research.
  • Information on labs and facilities.
  • Detailed searches on researchers, faculty, and alumni.
  • Funding and sponsorship information.
  • Collaboration opportunities.

Ultimately, we want you to have control over how you search for and interact with your own content. By extracting and organizing information from across your institution's complex network, you’ll be able to keep track of everything you need to make timely, informed decisions.

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