Science is Beautiful series 2

Science is Beautiful

A speaker series where art and science converge.

Presented by scholars at:

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Boston college

Boston university

cleveland clinic

broad institute

peabody essex museum

July 2020   —   1 hour 2 MIN

Exploring Our Inner and Outer Worlds: The Crossroads Where Art and Medicine Meet

Anand Viwanathan and Mona Kuhn

Anand Viswanathan, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School) and Mona Kuhn (Photographer, Edwynn Houk Gallery) discuss their neuroscience and photography project.

July 2020   —   55 MIN

A Psychological Exploration of How Art Works

Ellen Winner, PhD

Ellen Winner, PhD (Director of the Arts and Mind Lab, Boston College) discusses 5 key findings from her book, “How Art Works: A Psychological Exploration” and how can science help us understand the human response to art.

July 2020   —   49 MIN

From Resins to Melanin: Material Conditions and the Image

Lucy Kim

Lucy Kim (Artist in Residence, Broad Institute/ Assistant Professor of Art - Painting, Boston University - College of Fine Arts) takes us behind the scenes of her current work where she utilizes melanin produced by genetically modified E.Coli to create prints.

July 2020   —   3 MIN

Collecting Contemporary Art From the Periphery to the Center - A Radiologist’s View

Gamaliel Herrera

Gama Herrera, self-taught artist, diagnostic radiologist (Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University) and contemporary art collector discusses his approach to creating empathy, finding meaning and seeing the connection between curation and care, between artistic creativity and medical curiosity.