Case Study: Brigham Educational Institute



How The Brigham Education Institute (BEI) leveled up to a branded, robust, and organized website on OpenScholar.

Brigham Educational Institute Case Study


The Brigham Education Institute (BEI) provides world-class medical education to trainees, faculty and other healthcare professionals both at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and across the globe. They have a large teaching and learning content library consisting of apps, videos, databases, podcasts, journal articles and more.

As BEI expanded over the past five years, many team members contributed content to the Wordpress site. But it wasn’t always simple to organize and showcase the right content at the right time to their many visitors interested in residencies, fellowships, clerkships and professional development courses.

BEI wanted a platform that:

  1. Made it easy to upload and organize educational resources in different formats.
  2. Their project manager could manage without knowing code or involving IT.
  3. Would scale as they added team members, programs, research, and tools.


OpenScholar and BEI Project Manager Caitlyn DePaula mapped out content strategy and architecture for their new website. We surfaced the most important content, archived what wasn’t used and added important programs that weren’t yet online.

OpenScholar designed and built the new BEI website based on the institute’s goal to have all learners access the tools they needed in the fewest clicks possible, the Brigham’s brand guidelines, and content they would integrate from the hospital's main websites (including a calendar of events).


The BEI now has autonomy over their robust yet organized teaching and learning website.

Caitlyn no longer has to submit help desk tickets to make site edits, and controls who can manage different sections of the site. Doctors and healthcare professionals can find the latest videos, events and other resources they need in fewer clicks and get back to their day.