When is it better to keep something in-house, and when to outsource?

We came across this fantastic article last week. In the article, authors David J. Hinson and Rajiv Shenoy perfectly explain a few key messages around using internal IT department resources and staff to drive strategic initiatives and outsourcing technology that needn’t happen in house.  

They answer the question:

“When is it better to keep something in-house, and when to outsource?”

They offer this advice:

  1. Evaluate and inventory in-house resources
  2. Define success for your institution

“If you're trying to teach students and do research and perform other tasks central to the mission of your institution, IT often does not have the resources necessary to support all the functions an institution requires.”

How We Can Help

At OpenScholar we speak with many colleges and universities that manage and maintain a variety of web hosting solutions for their end-users. It’s not uncommon for a single school to have 3+ website platforms from outdated home grown solutions to open source platforms that need maintenance and hundreds of hours of customization, bug fixes and updates just to keep them “alive”.

Our mission is to take the website management headache away from our clients which results in them having more time and resources to focus on other critical projects at their schools.

When looking to potentially outsource, they advise that you do these things:

  1. Talk to existing partner clients
  2. Know the reputation of the partner
  3. Look for partners that are relational, not transactional
  4. Get buy-in
  5. Talk to staff - outsourcing is not a replacement for them. It is an opportunity to retarget and redeploy their talents to where the institution needs them

We’d be happy to connect you with current clients as you explore OpenScholar. 


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