Research Visibility: A Magnet for Opportunities

January 25, 2022

Research Visibility: A Magnet for Opportunities 

What is Research Visibility and Why is it Important?

The goal of research visibility is to make your current work more accessible and discoverable online. Openness ultimately increases the opportunity sets available to PIs and researchers. Like many researchers, you are probably trying to attract talent into your lab, or to retain star faculty and postdocs in your department by engaging them with your research leadership and compelling new projects. You might also want the outside world to gain a better understanding of the important work you are doing so they can spread the word about it. Showcasing your current research can often act as a magnet for attracting talent.


OpenScholar Amplifies Research Visibility 

Research Visibility & Attracting Talent

Oftentimes, research at the lab or researcher level gets buried within the content of websites and is difficult to find or never actually viewed. With OpenScholar, research is easily surfaced, organized, grouped, tagged and ready to be searched and filtered by any curious visitor to a lab, researcher or department site. Our platform levels the playing field, making it easy for you and your work to be seen. The research, when organized and presented in this way, becomes its own content marketing. 


OpenScholar’s aesthetically modern themes and best practice information architecture present research in a more appealing way. This helps you tell a cohesive and powerful science story that is more likely to resonate with your target audience. By encouraging the tagging of keywords tied to branding, OpenScholar helps boost search engine optimization. 


Doing this well–telling a powerful science story and highlighting the key elements of your current research–helps attract postdocs, star faculty, and influential researchers to you. They are drawn in by the leading edge research you are conducting.


Research Visibility & Retaining Talent

When you give your stars a platform to tell their research stories openly– a platform that is modern, aesthetically appealing, and simple to maintain, edit and update with current news and information–this is a supportive and reinforcing action. Encouraging your most talented researchers to promote and elevate their work is critical to retention, as is giving them the tools they need to succeed.


OpenScholar provides the infrastructure to support and encourage research visibility. Your research is a powerful asset that can attract talent, funding and partnerships. Check out our lab lookbook to see how we can help you reach your goals.


When you use OpenScholar to show your work, share your work, and collaborate on research, magic happens: science advances, and outcomes are accelerated.


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