Reduce Your Website Platforms

Streamline your web publishing tools using OpenScholar

Most schools that we engage with have the same problem… they are either offering too many options for website creation OR they don’t have a solution and everyone is doing it on their own.

Negatives of too many website building tools include:

  1. The community is underserved
    By providing too many tools, it’s difficult for users to decide which platform works best for them and they need help defining their needs.

  2. Support is Inconsistent
    Having multiple platforms causes strain on the IT department that might not be able to support different, ever-changing technologies.

  3. It’s Expensive
    Offering too many platforms or letting people create their own sites can result in needing to hire and pay for outside designers and developers to create, manage and maintain these sites. Money seeps out of departments with little oversight but is a big problem.  

  4. The sites look vastly different
    Because of different platform technologies, templates and themes, websites across the school can and do look very different. This can be confusing to website visitors simply trying to look for the information that they need.  

web savings

Benefits of using a single academic focused platform:

  1. Creating DIY websites can be totally self service
    OpenScholar can integrate with your single sign-on system so the pre-defined members of the school (for example, faculty and staff but not students, etc.) have access to create their own site using our website creation portal.

  2. We handle support for you and offer training
    Depending on your school’s needs and desires, we can offer 100% help desk support and end user training for school defined administrators.

  3. Choose the plan that works best for your school
    We have multiple pricing plans available to your organization. This annual charge is defined by your needs and in turn, you offer websites to your community with no individual cost to them. Finally, get control over your web spending!

  4. Streamline the look and feel of your sites
    OpenScholar provides school branded themes so all websites look related and offers a unified experience for people visiting your sites.

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