Our 4 Core Functions

OpenScholar is more than an average content management system. OpenScholar provides 4 core functions for university websites all on one unified platform:

  1. Faculty Profiles
    The OpenScholar platform promotes the web presence of faculty, department and schools. With a powerful search tool, we make it easy for site visitors to search (and find!) faculty expertise or research keywords. Our websites have the capability to be nested in a Parent-Child relationship allowing information to be pulled up to the department or school level from faculty sites. Site ownership permissioning allows content editing roles to be assigned based on an individual site's needs.

    faculty profiles
  2. Activity Tracking Tool
    OpenScholar is a knowledge base of faculty activity that generates publication reports automatically that can then be tied to measures for faculty success. No year-end manual entry by faculty requirements.
  3. Data Warehouse/Institutional Research Repository
    A faculty work/research information management tool, OpenScholar keeps your information working for you. All published work can be stored/displayed on the faculty website and pushed to desired scholarly repositories like Google Scholar, RePec, PubMed, for citation tracking, indexing and increased search-ability. Working papers and unpublished research can reside on the faculty site as well. No website based storage limit.

  4. Dashboard
    Each university using the OpenScholar platform has access to a holistic web analytics dashboard. Easily view real-time site visitors, site creation rates, website counts, the most popular content/ websites and much more. This data can be used to align with broader strategic mission of Admissions, Communications & Marketing, and Enrollment Management.

    Below is an example of Harvard University's Dashboard. Universities can opt to have their dashboard private or public.

View Harvard's live dashboard >


Typical existing cost structure that OpenScholar consolidates and streamlines:

  • Data warehouse annual software license: $25k-$40k
  • Research Repository annual license: $25-$40k
  • Faculty website software sites, annual license: $12-$18k
  • FTEs in IT Department: System Administration, Help Desk, Web Team = 2-4 FTEs

OpenScholar will reduce your IT costs for the platforms outlined above by up to 75%.  


Call us to discuss your needs and learn more about how we can support your goals:
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