OpenScholar, a refined Drupal solution

Not many people realize that OpenScholar is a version of Drupal.

What is Drupal?


Drupal is an open-source content management system with thousands of available “plug-and-play” functionalities contributed by thousands of developers.

This makes Drupal one of the most powerful CMS platforms on the market today. Drupal is so powerful and can do so much that often it’s too much firepower for an average site and for some, hard to manage.

How is OpenScholar different from Drupal?

openscholar and drupal


To start, we selected only the best academic Drupal features and functionalities to be available on OpenScholar. These include a powerful publication presentation/promotional tool that can automatically distribute publications to scholarly repositories like Google Scholar.

Next, we improved and customized these functionalities, called Apps, based on our users’ needs. We spent 9 years at Harvard University working closely with faculty, administrators, staff and students to make OpenScholar a complete website solution across the entire University. Read our Inception Story.

Lastly, we’ve enhanced certain interfaces in the Drupal presentation to make it cleaner and simpler to use. We continue upgrading OpenScholar with the help of our clients and Product Advisory Board. Check out our Product Roadmap to see what’s next for OpenScholar!

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