Faculty Success in the Digital Era

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Providing academics a cost-effective platform to improve personal web presence, publish research and manage content at lower cost.

Digital solutions are remaking many industries, and universities must quickly adapt to transform user experience and improve institutional efficacy. One area ripe for change is content management systems (CMS). Higher education institutions need to provide faculty, researchers and academic departments an efficient, cost-effective way to elevate their online profile, promote research and manage content more effectively while keeping rising IT costs under control.

Too often, college websites used by academics lack critical content management functionality, look dated, and don’t show well in the scholastic world. While options exist to use general website platforms, they are not designed to meet the unique needs of scholars. Alternatively, academics can hire a web developer to custom-create a website using available CMS platforms, but for most colleges this is cost prohibitive.

Working with academics from a leading Ivy League University, OpenScholar® – a content management system designed expressly for academia – was created with the mission to build an affordable, highly scalable, pre-built, digitally efficient and scholar-centric platform for higher education. 

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