Powerful Features

OpenScholar is the proven and cost effective way to power your university’s online presence. It is an open source content management platform that allows end-users to quickly create dynamic and customizable academic websites with no programming knowledge needed.


Essential Academic Content types

OpenScholar comes with preconfigured, customizable and reusable apps:
  • News, Events and Calendaring
  • Publications & Blogs
  • FAQs Slideshows, & more

No Coding Knowledge Needed

The user-friendly interface for adding or editing content requires:
  • No technical knowledge
  • No special software
  • No HTML skills

Drag and Drop Interface

The "drag-and-drop" tool allows you to:
  • Easily arrange the content presentation on any site.
  • Design site-wide default layouts or
  • Create unique layouts for different sections of your site.

Embed External Media Content

Easily embed external rich media content such as:
  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Soundcloud audio files,
  • Twitter & more


Display snippets of larger pieces of content in the form of:
  • Lists
  • Content sliders
  • Other media such as slideshows or videos

Choose from many Theme Designs

  • Select from a growing number of professional themes (templates) or create your own unique theme.
  • Templates facilitate and expedite site construction, but each end user's individuality and curatorial independence is maintained.

Content Tagging

Create and display filtered categorized lists of any type of content:
  • People
  • Publications
  • Events
  • Image
  • Videos, etc.

Administrative Role Permissioning

Create specific editing permissioning for various administrative roles of your site.

Citation Distribution

  • Gain greater distribution for your citations
  • Achieve higher visibility overall
  • Leverage the exposure our tools can offer you for your work

Site Creation Presets

Choose from several preselected section and menu options when creating a site.

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