Product Overview

OpenScholar: forging the new standard for sharing research in the digital era

Our turnkey solution simplifies the back end for IT; enables faculty to easily share research with the world.

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Visual themes, site hierarchy options, and amazing features make for a fast, easy, and agile website publishing experience.

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The website creation portal, global dashboard, permissions and awesome support team are only a part of what helps simplify site and user management.

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Lynx is a research based search algorithm driven by natural language processing embedded in the OpenScholar platform.

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OpenScholar makes your job easier.


We help IT teams and researchers to do what they do best by offering:


Onsite/Virtual Training + Knowledge Base


Help Desk Support


Hosting & System Administration


Custom Theme Design


Assistance with site migration


Custom Integrations

New features are always around the corner

We are passionate about giving research institutions the tools they need to facilitate the flow of knowledge from the laboratory to the world. This is why we are constantly thinking about the next features that will benefit our users.

Road Map Initiatives

What our customers ask us

General FAQs

Is the entire platform open source? Why can’t I just download, install it and manage it on my own/why do we need to pay you?

The OpenScholar software is open source and available on GitHub. People and schools are welcome to install and manage their own version of OpenScholar.

Saying this, one of the reasons OpenScholar lifted out of Harvard to become its own company is because schools struggle to do this on their own. Schools need a small team of people to manage this open source software. OpenScholar (the company) provides the software itself plus cloud hosting, system administration and security. We also provide theming, online documentation, video tutorials and help desk support for our clients.

You talk about this platform tying to broad strategic goals at the university level: how does it tie to enrollment? How does it tie to alumni engagement? How does it help us in those areas?

OpenScholar ties to a university’s strategic goals in a number of ways.

We improve the public facing look and the overall navigability of a schools’ websites making them look professional. Today's applicants are digital natives who find and research universities online first. If they can't find the department or specialty they are seeking within a couple of clicks, they give up and move on. Streamlining the ability to find information is a critical part of what we do. This ties to enrollment by making your online message heard, with clarity. This same holds true for alumni engagement.

We can elevate the work/research/publications of faculty online through the citation engine built into OpenScholar’s platform drives visibility for your faculty’s work. Citations correlate positively with tenure. Citations drive opportunities to co-author with peers and they attract grant funding that subsidizes future research.

How long does it take to put up a site? Walk me through how a faculty or staff member would get an OpenScholar website.

The website creation process is streamlined so you can create the type of website you desire. Working with your school’s IT department, we can create an automated website creation portal or new website requests can funnel through the help desk or web team at your school.

Time building a website can vary based on the amount of content that a faculty member or department has or wants to add to their site.

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