Solutions for Institutions

Universities, Research Centers, Hospitals

Do you want your brand to reach the world more effectively?  To increase enrollment? To streamline your unique message?  We optimize branding and messaging across all your websites so your value is clear and distinct.

Do you need an IT solution that lowers your IT costs dramatically? Maintains back end data security? Is accessibility compliant? That frees  up your IT team’s time?  

Is your goal is to highlight your faculty and researchers’ accomplishments? To bring their ideas to the world through increased citations and an elevated online profile? To set yourself apart from other institutions? We ensure that you do that, thereby aligning faculty achievement with your university’s success. 

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The Pilot Plan

For a limited time, start with a Department, Lab, or Center first, then roll out more broadly

Let us build you 10-25 websites. All the benefits of the Institutional Plan: lower IT costs; optimized branding; elevated online visibility of faculty--but starting out on a smaller scale. Give us 4 weeks--from start to completion--we do all the work for you and you keep the sites we build for you forever. 

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Solutions for Individuals

For graduate students, adjuncts and independent contractors

Better than a generic personal website or online CV, OpenScholar for individuals gives you all the power of an institutional-grade website with the aim of highlighting your unique skills as a researcher and academic. 

$9/month, expand your professional & academic opportunities today.

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