Our Story

In 2009, Harvard University needed a faculty website solution but it faced two key challenges:

  1. Providing websites that were both tailored to academic-specific needs and easy for faculty to create and edit themselves.
  2. Reducing escalating web-development and IT support costs on campus.

Harvard's Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences (IQSS) stepped in to solve these problems by founding the OpenScholar research project. 

The OpenScholar development team created the OpenScholar software platform so that faculty, students, departments, centers, and projects could all benefit. 

Features of the software:

  • addresses almost every academic use case
  • no programming knowledge or coding needed
  • custom themes all-but-eliminate the need for costly design work. 

OpenScholar websites look professional and are research-centric 'out-of-the-box'. 

In 2017, the OpenScholar research team lifted out of Harvard University and became OpenScholar LLC. Our company  now offers the services that support the software outside of Harvard University for the first time. These services include: cloud hosting; system administration; end-user training; theming & design; and a 9am-5pm helpdesk. 

Now every university and research organization can benefit from OpenScholar in the same way Harvard has done.

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