Episode 5 - Beth Daley, The Conversation

Beth Daley

On this episode of OpenUp, Jess Drislane (CEO, OpenScholar) speaks with Beth Daley (Editor and General Manager, The Conversation) about the ways in which news and research create new pathways for collaboration.

They discuss the rigorous pitch-to-publish process each story goes through and why it is important to present research in context when engaging audiences. They also examine bias in journalism, how to add to public discourse on a variety of subjects as well as their platform for collaboration among researchers and journalists.

Quote of the episode: “It’s about curiosity...science unlocks all the questions you have. Science may not be able to answer every single one, but they often try and it leads you down a path of discovery.” - Beth Daley


About The Conversation


The Conversation is an independent and non-for profit news source that publishes news stories written by academics and researchers. Learn more here.


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