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A new podcast where we speak with the scientists and strategists who are driving collaboration and breakthroughs at some of the world’s leading research institutions. They open up about their approach to collaborative research, about some of the very cool projects they are working on, what first drew them into the scientific world and about the meaning and purpose they derive from a career in research.

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Beth Daley

Episode 5 | June 2020 | 30 Min

Beth Daley
The Conversation

We discuss how research and the news create new pathways for collaboration.

Matt Menard

Episode 4 | May 2020 | 31 Min

Dr. Matt Menard
Brigham & Women's Hospital

We discuss what makes the patient and surgeon relationship unique and the importance of removing departmental silos in an effort to generate productive research. 

Christian Stegmann

Episode 3 | May 2020 | 27 Min 

Dr. Christian Stegmann
Bayer/Precision Laboratory

We discuss the task of bringing two research organizations together and creating pathways toward collaboratation. 

Bryan Bryson

Episode 2 | May 2020 | 50 Min

Dr. Bryan Bryson
MIT/Ragon Institute

We discuss the beauty of science and the exquisite representation of an immune system response to pathogens through the medium of watercolors.

Danielle Ciofani

Episode 1 | May 2020 | 40 Min

Danielle Ciofani
Broad Institute

We discuss the power of experimentation in and why scientists, including Einstein himself, are drawn to music and the arts.

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