OpenScholar makes it easy to modernize your web presence.

OpenScholar's Website Creation Portal, global dashboard, permissioning and awesome support team make for easy, and robust website management.

Here's how OpenScholar streamlines site management for IT teams:

Website Creation Portal

Facilitate site request process and explain OpenScholar to its user base.


Global Dashboard

View all of your sites performing as a group in real-time.


Five primary as well as custom roles can be assigned to help manage an OpenScholar website. Dozens of permissions complete an extremely flexible solution.


Project Website Before and After Gallery

  • human augmentation lab
  • bably lab
  • Pact Lab at UVA

What our customers ask us

Is your help desk phone or email based? Can we use our own help desk? Do you train our IT support staff on OpenScholar?

Currently, we have an email based help desk available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

While we do handle any/all website questions for our own clients, some institutions want to handle certain support requests. We can train any school’s help desk to handle general questions for the OpenScholar users at the school. As their knowledge grows, the school’s help desk can address more advanced questions if desired.