OpenScholar makes it easy to modernize your web presence.

OpenScholar's Website Creation Portal, global dashboard, permissioning and awesome support team make for easy, and robust website management.

Here's how OpenScholar streamlines site management for IT teams:

Website Creation Portal

Facilitate site request process and explain OpenScholar to its user base.


Global Dashboard

View all of your sites performing as a group in real-time.


Five primary as well as custom roles can be assigned to help manage an OpenScholar website. Dozens of permissions complete an extremely flexible solution.


Project Website Before and After Gallery

  • human augmentation lab
  • bably lab
  • Pact Lab at UVA

What our customers ask us

Can we create and add themes to OpenScholar?

Yes, we allow people to add themes to OpenScholar. Because we are always updating and improving OpenScholar, in addition to web standards continuing to evolve, no theme is future proof. Once a new theme is uploaded, it is the responsibility of the theme provider to monitor, maintain and update the theme.

How is OpenScholar different from Drupal?

OpenScholar is a distribution of Drupal. This means we’ve chosen specific drupal features and modules important to our clients’ needs, customize them and provide them on the OpenScholar Platform. Drupal has thousands of options and we’ve curated the best of the best to make it easy for our users to use OpenScholar.

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