OpenScholar empowers institutions, faculty, departments and researchers to create their web presence quickly, easily, affordably and beautifully. 

Ideal Candidates for the Institution Plan

For Universities, Research Centers and Teaching Hospitals.

OpenScholar shines a light on your two greatest assets: Your People and Their Important Research. 


  • Examples

    Harvard dental school example
  • Examples

    FAS Harvard

Types of work to showcase on OpenScholar Institution websites 

OpenScholar for Institutions is designed to showcase:

  • Publications and Academic Research: pushed to the appropriate academic and scholarly repositories for optimal citation tracking and easy searchability.
  • Scholarly and Clinical Research Areas of Interest and Impact
  • Multi-media content at the individual and departmental site level
  • Connected sites allow for sharing and promoting of content

Benefits of OpenScholar Institution Websites

  • One platform custom made to meet the needs of academics, clinicians and researchers. 
  • Anyone can create his/her own website, no programming knowledge is needed.
  • Immediately lower IT costs and simplified maintenance across an institution
  • One installation equals up to 750 websites
  • A streamlined online presence: one cohesive and powerful online brand emerges
  • All OpenScholar templates are consistent with your institution’s logos and colors