How Leading IT Teams Support Faculty Sites

Following the HigherEdWeb 2019 Conference, OpenScholar surveyed 55  IT and marketing leaders about their experience supporting faculty websites. 61% of respondents work at R1 or R2 research universities. 

This is what they said. 

  1. Faculty sites are built in fragmented ways

    75% of respondents work at universities where faculty sites are built on a CMS that the school supports. But most schools also have faculty directory and profiles that IT controls, as well as sites built on technology that the academic chooses.

    Opportunity: Have an integrated approach to important faculty, department and other sites. 


  2. IT supports 20 different website publishing platforms

    Wordpress and Drupal are some of the most popular technologies used. Many schools also built proprietary plugins or publishing platforms. Opportunity: Consolidate systems to save time and control branding. 

  3. To support faculty sites, IT spends the most time answering help desk tickets

    Most requests are to add/edit content, fix bugs and lead faculty trainings. IT is also asked to update designs and templates.

    Opportunity: Take back your time by outsourcing faculty site tickets to a full-service team that builds sites and maintains content.

  4. At R1 schools, 65% of faculty tickets are resolved within the day 

    30% are resolved within the week, and 5% over 8+ days. 

    Opportunity: Boost faculty and department satisfaction with faster responses to all tickets.

  5. The site requests backlog is typically less than 2 weeks

    But 31% of respondents couldn’t quantify the backlog. 

    Opportunity: Streamline the process by which faculty request sites and updates, and tighten reporting so that IT can easily track requests.

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