This plan is for those who need a connected network of websites to facilitate collaboration and idea-generation among group members.

Ideal Candidates for the Group Plan

  • Labs
  • Centers
  • Academic Departments,
  • Medical Groups
  • Governmental Departments
  • Student Groups
  • Symposium
  • ‘on-the-fly’ websites
  • Examples

    iqss example
  • Examples

    Kahn Lab example
  • Examples

    nhu example


Types of work to showcase on OpenScholar Group websites 

  • Highlight the People in your group and their complementary research areas.
  • Promote your Research & Publications—OpenScholar tracks your citations and pushes your published work to the correct scholarly repositories. It is easier to search, find & credit your work.
  • News and Events related to your group, lab or department—increase online engagement with your work, ideas and activities. Visibility=Impact.

Benefits of OpenScholar Group Websites

  • Easily create a website with Drag-and-Drop layout and our Best Practice Content tips
  • We will design a theme that incorporates your organization’s branding and logo
  • Add up to 70 group website for one flat annual rate
  • Allow unlimited administrators to help you manage your suite of websites