You talk about this platform tying to broad strategic goals at the university level: how does it tie to enrollment? How does it tie to alumni engagement? How does it help us in those areas?

OpenScholar ties to a university’s strategic goals in a number of ways.

We improve the public facing look and the overall navigability of a schools’ websites making them look professional. Today's applicants are digital natives who find and research universities online first. If they can't find the department or specialty they are seeking within a couple of clicks, they give up and move on. Streamlining the ability to find information is a critical part of what we do. This ties to enrollment by making your online message heard, with clarity. This same holds true for alumni engagement.

We can elevate the work/research/publications of faculty online through the citation engine built into OpenScholar’s platform drives visibility for your faculty’s work. Citations correlate positively with tenure. Citations drive opportunities to co-author with peers and they attract grant funding that subsidizes future research.