We use WordPress already, can we continue to use WordPress? Does it integrate with WordPress?

Yes you can continue to use WordPress; many schools that use OpenScholar also use WordPress. While OpenScholar does not integrate with WordPress by the strict definition of software integration, OpenScholar and WordPress peacefully co-exist on many campuses. OpenScholar, because it is a Drupal-based platform, can easily blend with any other existing CMS in that it is highly modular, will follow the same design standards set out by your Communications Office as WordPress and adhere to the same standards of Accessibility, Security and Responsiveness. OpenScholar is often used as another option for faculty and departments, in addition to WordPress. It is used, in some cases, for all new faculty websites and old faculty websites that need to be upgraded. The more a university uses OpenScholar, the more money they save on IT management and the more current the faculty and department sites look because they are easily self-managed/edited and updated by the site owners and therefore more easily refreshed with new content.