Frequently Asked Questions

You talk about cost savings. Where does most of the cost savings come from when I use OpenScholar? Does it come from shrinking my IT staff? From savings on hosting? From savings on managing multiple platforms? From savings on custom website design?

It comes from all of the aforementioned. Certainly from outsourcing, as a SaaS platform that provides hosting, system administration, data back-up, security, and a Monday - Friday help desk saves on internal IT costs. It doesn’t need to shrink your IT team per se. It can free up your staff to work on more future oriented problems than providing support for antiquated hosting and CMS options. Consolidating onto one CMS also eliminates duplicates of effort within your IT team. Savings on custom website design can be a big part of it if a school is hiring a lot of outside design firms for creative work.

Can third party content be displayed/embedded on OpenScholar?

We provide the ability to embed any of the services listed on’s provider list along with providers that support the oembed protocol. Users can also ask for specific services/domains to be whitelisted so that the content can be embedded and displayed in OpenScholar.  Security and reliability are the priorities when determining the available options.

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Can we create and add themes to OpenScholar?

Yes, we allow people to add themes to OpenScholar. Because we are always updating and improving OpenScholar, in addition to web standards continuing to evolve, no theme is future proof. Once a new theme is uploaded, it is the responsibility of the theme provider to monitor, maintain and update the theme.

How is OpenScholar different from Drupal?

OpenScholar is a distribution of Drupal. This means we’ve chosen specific drupal features and modules important to our clients’ needs, customize them and provide them on the OpenScholar Platform. Drupal has thousands of options and we’ve curated the best of the best to make it easy for our users to use OpenScholar.

Is your help desk phone or email based? Can we use our own help desk? Do you train our IT support staff on OpenScholar?

Currently, we have an email based help desk available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

While we do handle any/all website questions for our own clients, some institutions want to handle certain support requests. We can train any school’s help desk to handle general questions for the OpenScholar users at the school. As their knowledge grows, the school’s help desk can address more advanced questions if desired.