OpenScholar Lynx

Share research discoveries with the world in real time


Lynx is a research-based algorithm, driven by natural language processing, embedded in OpenScholar.



Creating a neural network of scholars

The work of these scholars can continually be advanced by the concurrent and related research of their peers


Filter relevant natural language

OpenScholar Lynx can filter every piece of relevant natural language published on an OpenScholar website like research, working papers, presentations, interest areas, CVs, and publications and match them against the dataset of every other OpenScholar user.


Lynx in 3 steps

  • Step 1 - Define Search

    OpenScholar Lynx shows a scholar their custmizable dashboard.


  • Step 2 - View Results

    Based on search criteria, OpenScholar Lynx shows results from it's network.


  • Step 3 - Connect

    From a profile, you can opt to email, view the profile's OpenScholar website or follow that profile's updates.


The Benefits of Lynx

Science icon

Faster breakthroughs and discoveries in science and medicine

co-author icon

Opportunities to co-author research papers

Innovation icon

More innovation and collaboration in research across all disciplines

grant icon

Increased access for grant funding through collaborative research