Web Spending Psychology

We recently conducted a focus group with school administrators, department chairs, and IT staff to learn more about their pain points regarding website platforms and hear what drives IT platform level change at Colleges and Universities.

What we found was that no two schools are alike but they share similar headaches, hurdles, and motivational drivers.
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Top reasons for desiring a better website solution and how OpenScholar addresses them:

  1. Reduce administrative burden on faculty
    Depending on the University, faculty may have the sole responsibility of maintaining multiple platforms to keep their information current. Using OpenScholar, they can publish, promote, and provide information about their Classes, Publications, News, and more in just one place. OpenScholar gathers the data and this information can be provided to the administration much like the service, Digital Measures, if desired.
  2. Make it easy for departments, labs, or research groups to update their own academic websites
    OpenScholar is completely do-it-yourself. With drag-and-drop interfaces, a curated grouping of features and all the help you could need, OpenScholar websites can be easily managed. Multiple people can have different types of control on a website to distribute work in a simple manner.
  3. Reduce the number of platforms used for academic websites at your institution
    Maintaining multiple platforms at a school is not only expensive but is a burden on IT and support staff. Keeping staff educated on ever-changing platforms can be both difficult and time consuming. Because OpenScholar works for group sites, faculty sites, Department sites, etc., the support staff and faculty assistants can easily maintain a single system.
  4. Highlight faculty research and accomplishments to drive undergraduate enrollment
    With updated and school branded websites across your University, your site visitors will see a cohesive, professional and modern experience. OpenScholar websites can be connected so that content can be offered to other websites promoting your more interesting content in a strategic way.  Because OpenScholar websites are easy to maintain, your websites can be found much more easily online and your site visitors can see the activity and research of your faculty.