How We Lower IT Costs

OpenScholar is a world-class web platform for higher education that can dramatically reduce your IT spending year-over-year.

When OpenScholar was developed and then fully adopted as the go-to web platform at Harvard University the intention wasn't to save the university $100M in web spend, but that's exactly what it did.1


How do we save YOU money?

1. OpenScholar is a complete academic platform
By using an academic feature focused platform in a department or across the entire campus, there is a limited need for one-off, custom and expensive website development projects. Save your IT staff from spending their time supporting, managing and maintaining those projects as well. Additionally, OpenScholar continues to improve and grow with our clients. These upgrades are automatically available to you at no additional charge. 

2. OpenScholar is easy to use/ no coding needed
Anyone can create and update OpenScholar websites as no coding or technical knowledge is needed. Staff can easily understand how to use OpenScholar and are able to leverage those skills within departments across a multitude of OpenScholar websites.

3. Help Desk
We offer a dedicated support team available to help with any questions that your school may have. We also have robust documentation and video tutorial library.

4. System Administration and Hosting
We handle all system administration and hosting for each school using OpenScholar. Each school has its own install of OpenScholar managed and maintained by us. You’ll receive all feature upgrades and security protocols. We rack safely at AWS and have multiple redundancies. Your data is safe with us.

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