We Are With You

Our tagline at OpenScholar is:  Bring Your Ideas to the World.

We mean that.

Everything we do at our company is in service to researchers, academics and clinicians like you. All of our work is focused on supporting the creation and distribution of knowledge. This is the guiding mission of universities and research organizations around the globe.

We want your publications to achieve higher citation counts—so we created an engine that helps you to do that. We want you to attract more grant funding and collaboration opportunities—so we make it easy for the world to find you online, to see what you are working on, to understand your area of expertise better. When you are seen, when your ideas are noticed, heard, passed around and shared, we all benefit. And by we, I mean humanity.

Discoveries, breakthroughs, new knowledge---all the serious stuff that matters—these improve life for all of us. The work you do is critically important (you know this). It moves us all forward (I am reminding you of this--and also thanking you for it). At OpenScholar, we will continue doing what we do best—striving to improve our platform every day so it serves your needs ever more effectively. We remain ready to partner with you in what YOU do best. Your success is not just our success—it is ALL of our success.

Bring your ideas to the world. The world needs them.