Top 5 Things All Faculty Websites Must Have

Faculty websites must be current, easy to navigate and also compelling. OpenScholar makes super easy for faculty to achieve this and we've compiled this list of 5 must have items for any faculty website:

  1. A professional looking photo or photography to your website
    There are many ways to add photography like a simple headshot in the body of a page or sidebar. Creating a slideshow of interesting work to display on your home page is a great way to keep your website interesting and professional.

  2. An updated list of the classes taught
    Using the Classes app, faculty can add any new classes being taught, select the semester and add any detail about the class as well. Additionally, links to appropriate registration areas or downloadable materials can supplement any LMS system.

  3. Contact information with office hours readily available
    With the ability to easily add content to any page or pages, your site will be easy to navigate and allow people to find what they are looking for quickly. OS’s drag and drop functionality takes the guesswork out of how to update the location of content on your site. 

  4. An updated list of your publications
    OpenScholar’s publication app makes it easy to keep your publication listing up to date and organized in the desired order. You can also opt to push publications to Google Scholar or RePEc to further promote your publications.

  5. Information about research and activities you are involved with
    Both current and perspective students are interested in information that goes beyond the classroom. We recommend sharing a holistic view of a faculty members research and activities PLUS how students could get involved.