Website Branding

OpenScholar improves your online branding by creating website themes that can be used on all of your OpenScholar websites.

What is a website theme?

A website theme controls the look your website independent of content. A theme includes font types and sizes, colors and accents that affect the aesthetics of your site. Themes provide consistency and support wayfinding and user experience. 

We have a variety of available themes that can be customized to fit your school’s colors and logo to provide a consistent visual presentation for your site visitors.

We also have a number of generic themes available that could be of use to you.

Themes examples

Every school we work with is different on how they want to approach website themes. 

We work with schools to develop themes using the school's color palette, fonts, etc. that could be applied to any of their OpenScholar websites. In the future, schools have the ability to request or develop additional themes easily. 

Theme Examples 

Below is a website using the Jefferson Blue theme.

cass lab


Below is a website is using the UVA Grey theme.

baby lab

As you can see, there are variations on certain elements of these two themes but in both cases, it's clear that these are websites at the same school. 

Get in touch with us today to review our many themes or work with us to develop one today!


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