Leveraging Website Analytics To Increase Enrollment

OpenScholar allows schools to easily provide websites to their community. Because each school's websites are on a dedicated installation of OpenScholar, we are able to provide in-depth look into analytics across all sites via a Dashboard area.

OpenScholar Dashboard

Below is a snapshot from Harvard University’s OpenScholar dashboard.

Elements provided on the dashboard are pulled in from a global google analytics property and this dashboard is updated in real time. Anything that Google Analytics can capture can be provided to a school or organization's dashboard.

Example of an OpenScholar dashboard:

openscholar dashboard example

3 Top Data Points to Watch

  1. User Demographics

    Knowing the average age, gender and location of your website’s visitors is the key to learning how to create appropriate and compelling content to attract prospective students.
  2. Sources For Incoming Traffic

    Understanding how people are finding and getting to your websites will let you know what is working across your sites and what isn’t. Discover if your social media, SEO efforts or Paid advertisements are paying off.
  3. Page Views

    pageview is defined as a view of a single page on your site. Getting a general understanding of traffic and page views patterns over time is key to understanding how and when to market your different messages to your potential site visitors.   

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*Because OpenScholar was developed at Harvard University, Harvard opts to keep the data on it’s dashboard public. Other schools opt to keep their dashboard of data on a private area where access is restricted.