OpenScholar 3 Core Benefits

Over the last few weeks we've discussed how OpenScholar was designed for universities that want to:

  1. Lower IT Costs
    by outsourcing help desk support, system administration and hosting
  2. Delight Faculty by upgrading their websites
    providing beautiful sites that support most all scholarly use cases
  3. Streamline & Improve Branding
    because applicants are digital natives and online branding truly matters

Lowering IT Costs

OpenScholar is a complete academic website building platform that requires no knowledge of coding, so no need to hire an external web developer each time a site update is needed. We also provide a full-time help desk support team to assist during site creation and beyond. We also handle all system administration & hosting, eliminating the need to hire and pay for third party services. 
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Delighting Faculty

Our content apps offer clean and consistent ways of displaying various kinds of content that truly matter to your faculty. The most popular app we provide is the Publications app which makes it easy to distribute your faculty’s scholarly works to repositories such as Google Scholar and RePEc. 
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Streamline Branding

Streamline your branding on our sites by choosing a website theme that coordinates with your school logo & colors. We have a wide collection of generic themes available or you can also opt to use a fully custom designed theme. 
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Case Study: How we saved Harvard University ~$100M

See our case study below to find out about OpenScholar's beginnings and how we became the solution to Harvard's web needs by addressing these 3 items.


If your university is trying to address any or all 3 of these topics, we can help! We believe we address these issues better than any other platform and we know we do it more affordably.

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