Case Study: Ash Center - Harvard Kennedy School

The Challenge

Prior to 2015, the Ash Center managed their web presence using an older, legacy platform.

The old platform:

  • Lacked page layout flexibility
  • Was awkward to use
  • Due to a steep learning curve, only a few staff members were proficient using the tool
  • Basic tasks took an unproductively long time to execute


OpenScholar as the solution

The Ash Center had been evaluating new content management system options around the same time several team members attended a presentation showcasing Harvard Divinity school’s new website. After the presentation, the Ash Center team remarked “Oh, we need that”. With that, the Ash Center began the transition to OpenScholar.

Reasons for adoption include:

  • Contemporary theme designs
  • Intuitive administrative interface
  • Quality training modules
  • Excellent economical scalability
  • Content features built specifically for academia


How OpenScholar is used at the Ash Center

Today, over a dozen Ash Center center and program websites are hosted and managed on the OpenScholar platform. By leveraging a dynamic taxonomy tagging system, the Ash Center team is able to easily organize, arrange and display website content in a variety of ways that best serve the needs of their site’s visitors.

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