Our Mission

To provide a direct conduit between creators and consumers of knowledge, through simple and easy-to-use publishing technology.

We make it easy for research institutions and their faculty to have professional, research-centric websites, and to bring their ideas to the world.



What we do

We offer a fully bundled SaaS offering of OpenScholar software coupled with end-to-end services: hosting, training, theming & full help desk support.

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Our Story

In 2017, the OpenScholar team lifted out of Harvard University and became OpenScholar LLC.

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Our Team

We focus on optimizing online branding and increasing your visibility. We help you bring your best ideas to the world.

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The Team

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Building a conduit to tomorrow’s discoveries

Welcome back! We missed you over the summer! Now that the school year is in session, we want to reconnect, say hello and invite you to visit our new website www.theopenscholar.com. Tell us what you think; we love hearing from you.

Forged and trusted by the leaders of academic evolution at Harvard, OpenScholar powers the highest standard of web publishing. Our research asset management platform, or RAMP, unleashes the promise of technology to advance knowledge sharing in any higher education institution, and gives...

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Students find content five times faster with OpenScholar

Results from a recent focus group suggest that switching to OpenScholar sites substantially improved the impression that the University of Virginia’s faculty websites had on college students. Comparing the new OpenScholar sites to previous sites, students found the OpenScholar websites to be:

  1. easier to navigate
  2. more cohesive
  3. more professional

OpenScholar provides predefined site structures to help users organize their content right from the start, making it easy to leave a positive first impression...

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We Are With You

Our tagline at OpenScholar is:  Bring Your Ideas to the World.

We mean that.

Everything we do at our company is in service to researchers, academics and clinicians like you. All of our work is focused on supporting the creation and distribution of knowledge. This is the guiding mission of universities and research organizations around the globe.

We want your publications to achieve higher citation counts—so we created an engine that helps you to do that. We want you to attract more grant funding and collaboration opportunities—so we make it...

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    "…thats what I like about it most….we were able to set up a project website in less than a day."


    Alyssa Goodman Harvard University Professor

    "...because OpenScholar is easy to use, I can get the staff trained very easily to maintain the content of their websites quickly."

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