OpenScholar makes it easy for colleges and universities to empower their staff, faculty, and students to create their own websites-- for groups, departments or for themselves. Services include cloud hosting, system administration, online training, theming & design and a 9am-5pm help desk.

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OpenScholar is a powerful platform that helps you:

  • Increase online engagement by highlighting and sharing your most important content
  • Elevate your brand and optimize the web presence of your school
  • Maintain consistency in your online messaging--all website themes are customized for your school’s logo, colors and branding



OpenScholar  - Our managed services solution

In 2017, the OpenScholar team lifted out of Harvard University and became OpenScholar LLC. 

We now offer the OS open source software coupled with services like hosting, training & support.

Now every university can benefit from better websites, more powerful branding and huge IT cost savings just like Harvard University did.

OpenScholar Project - Open source software

OpenScholar, the open source software, is still available for anyone to download, manage and use on their own. 

If you can manage, host and support your own version of OpenScholar, this is always an option for you. 

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